• Consulting for future projects
  • Analysis and improvement of existing networks
  • Installation and start-up services
  • Maintenance and technical support
  • Training


1. Industry:

Electric and oil and Gas: integrated access, security systems and video control. Detection of intruders and intelligent Video for perimeter protection. Fire detection and suppression systems. Night Vision and thermal video systems. Facial recognition and biometric access control systems. Mining: Heavy trucks video security systems. Digital video recording systems. Fiber optic and wireless network including WIFI, WIMAX or LTE infrastructure.

2. Government:

Seaports and airports: Integrated access, security, and video control systems. Intrusion detection & Intelligent Video. Perimeter protection. Night Vision and thermal Video System. X-ray systems, narcotics and explosives detection. Facial recognition and biometric access Control systems. Alarm detection in containers. Traffic control: Systems of video traffic for roads, streets and cities. Digital Video recording systems for planes, trains and underground. Infrastructure of fiber optic and wireless network including WI-FI, WIMAX. Embassies & prisons: Security of embassies & prisons, access control and video system perimeter.


  • Equipment for transmission and distribution substations.
  • Equipment for control, protection and measurement solutions.
  • Equipment for transmission and distribution lines including underground.
  • Smart Grid systems integration.
  • Arc Flash solutions.
  • Safety equipment.
  • Thermography.
  • Video.
  • Teleprotection.
  • Multiplexing CWDM and DWDM.
  • Power quality.
  • ISO50001.
  • Transformers parts (from gaskets to tap changers).
  • Test equipment.
  • LED lighting for residential areas.
  • Lineman tool.
  • Explosion proof electrical equipment and lighting.
  • Wireless Temperature Sensors.

GKG offers a wide suite of products and solutions for communication, security and power control and automation for businesses in progressive industries. Our clients trust us for consulting, training, maintenance and technical support, equipment supply and infrastructure support with solutions and services that are in line with ANSI/IEEE C37.60, ANSI/IEEE C37.74 and IEEE1613. Get in touch with us for installation, maintenance, analysis and improvement of underground systems and distribution mechanisms and get expert support for a wide variety of products including Industrial Wireless Temperature Sensor, Modbus, Video Monitoring devices, AC Drives and Soft Starts, Voltage Switchgears, Panelboards and Switchboards, security solutions like Rugged CCTV and integrated access, Network Performance Consulting and Ethernet Training, Overhead analysis Motor Control Center and Power Meter installation, advanced solutions for power quality, teleprotection and multiplexing, customized products for wireless temperature sensing, transformer tools, residential LED lighting, grid systems integration and much more.